Manheim operating locations in Chicago, St. Louis, and Texas Hobby have been selected as recipients of a 2013 Ford Auction Recognition Award. As part of the Ford Auction Service Award Program, these locations were honored for their performance against key service level criteria.

Ford recognized winners in four groups: GT, Mach 1, Cobra, and Boss. In two out of these four groups, Manheim auctions were selected as winners in both the closed and open sale categories.

Manheim Chicago was selected best for open and closed sales in the Mach 1 group, a grouping of the highest-volume auctions. Manheim St. Louis earned the award for best in the GT group, a grouping of smaller-volume auctions.

Additionally, Manheim Texas Hobby in Houston won the Ford ASAP Second Half Sprint Closed Sale Award as the auction with the greatest improvement in the second half versus the first half of 2013.