PARS (Professional Automotive Relocation Services Inc.) is celebrating its 15th year in business as a leading provider of automotive transportation and logistics services. 

In 1998, former Buick Fleet Director Jim Christiano first opened PARS for business, seeking to set a new standard for excellence in drive-away moves. In its first year, PARS quoted 50 moves a day and received 10 orders. Since then, the company has grown dramatically, recently moving into new 10,000 square-foot headquarters in Gainesville, Va., and opening 14 offices.

Lori Rasmussen, the company's president, now heads the business, representing the second generation of the Christiano family. She joined PARS in 2004, successfully leading the growth of the business, and overseeing its investment in leading-edge technology.

"When PARS started, price and speed were the two biggest factors to winning business," Rasmussen said. "Today, our customers, comprised of corporations and fleet management companies, look to maximize relocation value, minimize vehicle downtime and increase productivity."

Today, PARS provides automotive relocation services throughout the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.  Customers can access a fully interactive website allowing them to obtain quotes, place orders, and access up-to-date order status information.  PARS moves thousands of vehicles each year, and offers its customers a comprehensive list of value-added services.

"That's why our programs include carrier transport as well as drive-away, licensing and titling, in-transit and/or temp plates, DOT services, port services, re-conditioning and make-ready, maintenance, and vehicle storage," Rasmussen said. "Our turnkey transportation and logistics solutions can be customized to fit customers' specific needs. As companies look to minimize vehicle downtime, increase productivity, and achieve the best possible return on their vehicle transportation and logistics investment, we expect even greater growth of these customized solutions."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet