RVI Group announced its new partnership with NxGen360, LLC to launch and distribute insurance products into the automotive marketplace, beginning with Trade Value Protection and Market Value Protection, will provide new confidence to dealers as they stock, trade, and sell vehicle inventory and both reduce uncertainty and limit risk for consumers in automobile transactions.

"Bringing new products to the automobile market which utilize our core underwriting and analytical methodologies when fully integrated with NxGen's unique distribution, application development technology and administration capabilities will provide what I believe is a value proposition entirely new in the industry," said RVI's CEO, Douglas May.

NxGen360's CEO, Richard Marzan, commented, "The tailored solutions we are bringing to the automotive marketplace will add unique value and build customer loyalty. I have respected RVI, their leadership position and their team for many years. RVI's expertise in insurance and forecasting residual values is unmatched and I am thrilled to collaborate with them to bring these products to market."