Already an industry leader in wholesale vehicle transportation, Manheim has announced several enhancements to its transportation solution, including changes to full service transportation quotes, management of full service transportation orders and 1Dispatch registration for self-managed orders. These improvements put customers in control, offer them simple and more efficient solutions and help buyers take advantage of Ready Auto Transport’s knowledge and experience.



“These upgrades have been made with our customers’ needs in mind,” said Bonnie Hensler, Manheim’s vice president of product development.  “Our goal is to increase customer productivity through integrated and easy to use transportation functions that allow customers to transport inventory in and out of the marketplace more efficiently. These enhancements will allow our customers more time to focus on buying and selling, and improve their ease of business with Manheim.”  

These enhancements include:

  • Customers can now receive a transportation quote on the vehicle details page, Workbook and My Purchases on They can also receive the full service transportation quote after scanning a VIN with their Manheim Mobile app. This will enable customers to make a better purchasing decision.
  • In addition, customers will have the ability to order full-service transportation on My Purchases through a desktop computer or mobile device following sales completed both in-lane and via Simulcast.
  • Through 1Dispatch registration, customers will now have the ability to start the registration process from, including Vehicle Display Page, Workbook and My Purchases.

1Disptach is a self-managed auto transportation technology platform connecting shippers and carriers together. This platform allows customers to choose carriers they know and trust, as well offer their business in a competitive bid and buy marketplace.  Once customers have registered with 1Dispatch, all their Manheim purchases for the previous 14 days are automatically displayed in the system.  This secure integration makes it easier for Manheim customers manage their self-service transportation needs.

Through Ready Auto Transport and 1Disptach, Manheim offers the convenience of a centralized solution for integration between the auctions and Ready Auto Transport and additional carrier options, the reliability of a proven network of 5,500 carriers that feature more than 35,000 trucks and competitive prices for fast deliveries.