ADESA and Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, announced the launch of the Volvo 360 Private Store, a new lease portfolio management and vehicle purchase website for franchised Volvo retailers.

Volvo 360 is a dedicated online auction platform that provides franchised Volvo dealers with the opportunity to buy fresh inventory from each other as well as closely manage their used-car inventory and quickly locate vehicles they need.

“We’re pleased to extend our relationship with Volvo Cars of North America and provide their retailers with a convenient way to manage their lease portfolio and enjoy exclusive vehicle purchase opportunities,” said Blake Kennedy, ADESA vice president of online sales. “Our team has a deep understanding of the needs of automotive retailers and the unique requirements of online vehicle remarketing. The new Volvo 360 Private Store reflects that accumulated knowledge and our ability to deliver an outstanding user experience.”

The Volvo 360 Private Store enables franchised Volvo retailers to track the maturity dates of their lease portfolios and process the lease returns of returning Volvo Car Financial Services, LLC and U.S. Bank lessees. Volvo retailers can also purchase off-lease inventory, while monitoring their performance using the Volvo 360 Scorecard.

“Overall, the Volvo 360 Program was developed to retain and control the supply of pre-owned Volvos within the retailer network, while leveraging our best-in-class CPO program to grow the overall pre-owned business,” added Jeff Pugliese, portfolio manager, Volvo Cars of North America.

The new Volvo 360 site is available to franches Volvo Cars of North America retailers at