In response to severe weather conditions in the Midwest and East Coast, Manheim is responding by waiving online fees for vehicles purchases through Simulcast and facilitation fees for vehicles purchased through to assist dealers. The fee waivers are effective from Jan. 6-31, 2014, and apply on all open and closed sales at 28 locations in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, and North Central Markets.

As January is typically a slower month for vehicle sales, limited access to physical auctions due to the harsh weather conditions can adversely affect a dealers’ business. Providing dealer buyers with a wide selection of vehicles via online and digital channels, while they wait for harsh weather conditions to improve, can help buffer potential weather-related revenue losses.



“Our employees are making every effort to list cars online as fast as possible, ensuring customers in these four markets continue to have access to the most inventory, despite the tough weather conditions,” said Nick Peluso, senior vice president of customer management.  “Dealers rely on us to meet their vehicle buying needs 24/7, and we want to do all we can to help them maintain business momentum economically and safely as they start the New Year.”

The short-term changes listed above apply to all vehicles onsite at the following 28 Manheim locations:

  • Manheim Albany
  • Manheim Arena-Illinois
  • Manheim Baltimore-Washington
  • Manheim Central Pennsylvania
  • Manheim Chicago
  • Manheim Cincinnati
  • Manheim Detroit
  • Manheim Flint*
  • Manheim Fredericksburg
  • Manheim Harrisonburg
  • Manheim Indianapolis
  • Manheim Kansas City
  • Manheim Louisville
  • Manheim Milwaukee
  • Manheim Minneapolis
  • Manheim New England
  • Manheim New Jersey
  • Manheim New York
  • Manheim Northstar Minnesota
  • Manheim NY Metro Skyline
  • Manheim Ohio
  • Manheim Omaha
  • Manheim Pennsylvania
  • Manheim Philadelphia
  • Manheim Pittsburgh
  • Manheim St. Louis
  • Manheim Springfield*
  • Manheim Tulsa*

*Total Resource Auctions locations