To reinforce its commitment to make it easier for customers to conduct business while preparing for future growth, Manheim invested more than $26 million over the past year to expand and upgrade its facilities and services in North America. 

The investment includes the addition of sale lanes, new and upgraded inspection, detail and body shop facilities, alternative energy projects and the addition of Digital Lanes.  Digital Lanes, in place at Manheim Ohio and Manheim New Mexico, replicate the buying experience online without the need to run vehicles through physical lanes.  

“Over the past year, we’ve made it a priority to take a closer look at our operations to ensure they deliver on the needs of our customers today and in the future,” said Manheim EVP & COO, Janet Barnard.  “As our industry continues to change, we will invest in areas that improve the auction experience for our customers, as well as drive future business growth.” 

In addition to investing in major auction projects and facilities since September 2012, Manheim plans to expand its Digital Lanes from two to 12 auction locations by the end of 2014. 

Below are some of Manheim’s largest investment projects:

  • New Manheim California Service Center:  A new 27.7-acre service facility in Riverside, Calif., located adjacent to Manheim Riverside will be completed this later this month.  The facility will offer state-of-the-art certification and inspection services to Audi Financial Services and Volkswagen Credit, Inc., as well as vehicle receiving support for the Southern California market.  This is one of two locations operated by Manheim.
  • Lane additions and expansion at Manheim Baltimore-Washington and Manheim Ohio:  Expansion at Manheim Baltimore-Washington will add two sale lanes and develop 10 acres for additional vehicle storage. The location will have 12 physical lanes upon project completion. At Manheim Ohio, a two-lane expansion brings total physical lane capacity to 12. In addition, the location expanded its vehicle entry capacity from two to six lanes, allowing greater vehicle processing efficiency.
  • Body Shop Expansion at Manheim Orlando and Manheim Palm Beach: A 9,600-square foot addition was completed at Manheim Orlando’s body shop, giving the location four new paint priming booths.  And by doubling Manheim Palm Beach’s body shop, workload capacity increased while supporting local conservation efforts.  The body shop recycles materials and uses two-thirds less electricity through more energy-efficient lighting.
  • Expansion Projects at Manheim Palm Beach and Manheim Pittsburgh:  Manheim Palm Beach will add one detail lane, bringing its total to three, while nearly doubling existing capacity in two lanes.  Earlier this year, a 9,600-square foot mechanic shop was completed at Manheim Pittsburgh. 
  • Solar Project at Manheim New England: Completed earlier this year, the 3.5 megawatt ground and roof-mounted solar project at Manheim New England consists of more than 10,000 solar panels.  This installation produces enough energy to power 400 homes annually and supply 29 percent of the auction’s energy requirements.
  • Footprint expansion in Canada: Expanded auction footprint in Canada through a partnership with Source Auto Auction in Edmonton, Alberta.