Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest (DAASW) has introduced a new digital tool to the auction lane that streamlines the bidding process for buyers at its weekly sale.

On July 24, DAASW was the first auction in the nation to unveil the Text Bidder Badge System, which eliminates the need to wait in line on auction day and does away with paper bidder badges.

Utilizing mobile technology via Smartphone or iPad, a dealer receives a Bidder Number prior to arriving at the auction on sale day. He or she displays that number on a smartphone device when entering the auction, and shows it in the lane to the ring man (yes, DAASW still uses ring men, unlike chain auctions, to maximize every bid for its consignors) when buying vehicles. 

"We're always looking for ways to improve the auction experience for our customers," said DAASW Vice President and former NAAA President Jim DesRochers. "In this high tech era, it struck us that there must be a better way to handle bidder numbers than 'sticking' paper badges on people's shirts. We found a great solution, and we're proud to announce that our General Manager Stephanie Gingras has implemented the Text Bidder Badge System at DAA Southwest." 

With the new system, dealers receive their bidder numbers prior to arriving at the sale, avoiding the check-in lines the morning of the sale by flashing the number on their Smartphone or iPad as they enter the auction. They can show the number again to get a free breakfast, and more importantly, display it to the ringman when buying a car. 

"Dealers use their phones to research vehicles, review inventory lists, read window stickers, and even decode VIN numbers," observes DesRochers. "It only makes sense to make bidder numbers available for use on those phones as well." 

DAASW has also made the process easier for dealers without smartphones - or who still enjoy the bidder badge stickies and standing in line, says auction General Manager Stephanie Gingras, noting that the auction has removed its traditional kiosks and has installed two wireless iPad stands where dealers can check in the more traditional way and print paper stickers. 

"My belief is that mobile technology is not about making the auction self-service but is truly about our industry providing superior service for our customers," said Gingras. "We've taken an important step forward in accomplishing just that with our Text Bidder Badge System." 

Founded in 2003 by industry veterans Brad Sturgeon and Bill Baker, DAASW is located downtown Phoenix just minutes from Sky Harbor Airport. Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest welcomes dealers to its weekly sale on Wednesdays, with its tow sale at 11:30 am, and regular consignment following at 12:00 pm, featuring vehicles from Lobel Financial, Consumer Portfolio Service, and Camelback Finance in addition to numerous auto dealers in the region. The auction offers full mechanical and reconditioning services, post-sale inspections, and both pre- and post-sale repairs. The auction's general manager is "2012 Woman in Remarketing" honoree Stephanie Gingras. 

Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest provides full consignment imaging, "360 Service" videos of selected vehicles and 100 percent simulcast of all vehicles on sale day through its website, and links CarFax, Black Book and ShipCarsNow services to its mobile technology. DAASW is an NAAA, IARA and ServNet member..