Registration is still open for the 2013 International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA) Summer Roundtable, to be held Aug. 20-21 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. 

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Read what other industry associates are saying about the IARA Roundtable: 

"I like the IARA roundtables because the focus is always on the remarketer. I get more usable information from the IARA events than I do from any of the other industry-related conferences."
Scott Eyster, U.S. Bank

"I would say that the reason I continue to attend and want to be involved in IARA is to reach excellence, and this best describes my vision of that:  Excellence is not expelled in blinding bursts of energy, But rather played out, patiently and inexorably, over a whole season...."
Mary Haller, Auction Broadcasting Co.

"Smart Remarketers, Strong Markets, Real Dollars. The IARA Summer Roundtable is the most trusted name in vehicle remarketing today! It was an awesome experience...some of the best thinkers sharing their best practices. The roundtable was full of great information I can use everyday to be a more effective leader. The IARA helped me change the way I manage and measure success in my workplace."              
Scott Kolb, CAI, CAR

"This is a consignor conference first with consignor content that applies across the industry. It's also a time for specific consignor topics and issues to be discussed. The Roundtables are always current and fresh with lively content. Audience participation in the Roundtables adds a broader consignor content, as well. Although this is a consignor-focused conference, our various vendors can hear the same messages or issues being sorted through and include their input. Consignors exist with strong vendor support."
Levi McCoy, Director, Remarketing / LeasePlan USA