Auto Auction Services Corporation (AASC) announced the release of a new tool called the Dashboard. Now available to all users of the company’s flagship inventory management platform – AutoIMS – the Dashboard was designed in response to user feedback to make the initial AutoIMS home screen more useful.

“The Dashboard puts useful data up front and center for users, and turns the first screen users see into more of a destination, instead of just a map,” said Customer Service Manager, Roger Baldwin.

The company continued to explain that the Dashboard offers a new set of “widgets,” or summary reports that highlight portions of vehicle inventory that might require action. For instance, auction users will now immediately see how many new assignments they have received in the last 24 hours, along with the number of vehicles that are sitting at the auction without a condition report.

Consignor users also have new widgets, including the number of vehicles with a condition report completed in the last 24 hours, vehicles newly secured at the auction, and vehicles scheduled for sale today.

Director of Customer Service, Joe Miller, added, “Part of the value of any dashboard is getting an ‘instant read’ on data that’s important in the moment. That’s why we love these new gauges, and we think users of all levels will find value in these tools.”

The AutoIMS Dashboard also changes the way users can access popular existing features. The Status Summary (a useful breakdown of all inventory by status and age), Recent Reports, and Recently Viewed Vehicles, are all existing tools that are now available on the Dashboard.

“With last year’s upgrade to the menu system in AutoIMS, our members don’t have to sacrifice anything with this change,” said Chief Information Officer, Venkat Krishnamoorthy. “Users can access everything they are used to with the same number clicks, only now they have the great tools of the Dashboard at their disposal along the way.”

AASC also acknowledged the increasing personalization and ‘gamification’ in the digital world as it designed the Dashboard, giving users a customizable image. “Now cat people and car people alike can express themselves and feel more at home when they use AutoIMS,” continued Miller.

For questions, AutoIMS Customer Service can be reached at (888) 683-2272.


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