A group of people in matching light blue shirts pose with a check made out to Bree's Gift for $60,000.

Employees of Missouri Auto Auction raised $70,000 in total a few weeks ago in the company's annual fundraiser for Bree's Gift.

Photo: Missouri Auto Auction

Missouri Auto Auction recently held a promotional event supporting Bree’s Gift, a registered nonprofit organization. Bree’s Gift honors the life of Bree Isabel Johnley (2015-2019) by providing families with up to 100% of the funding needed to adopt a child. 

Jennie Johnley, Bree’s mother, and the founder of Bree’s Gift, is a former employee of the auction, previously working as the National Account Manager for seven years. 

​For the fourth consecutive year, Missouri Auto Auction has partnered with Bree’s Gift to help raise money for families seeking adoption. This year, to raise funds, the auction began the day by selling tickets for a Taylor Swift Concert along with a Travis Kelce Autographed jersey for $8,000, an autographed Patrick Mahomes Jersey, and two tickets to a Chiefs Game for $3,100, and a sunflower bouquet for $10,000 that Johnley was able to take home. 

By auctioning off these items, collecting donations from sponsors, and selling lunch and apparel to MAA dealers, Missouri Auto Auction was able to raise $70,000 in just one day that was donated directly to Bree’s Gift.

“I am so proud to be able to work with the team at Missouri Auto Auction” stated Johnley. “The money that we raise every year at this event helps so many families achieve their dreams of adopting children into their family, and I couldn’t be prouder of the love and support we receive from the customers at Missouri Auto Auction”.  

A woman in a light blue shirt poses with a check made out to Bree's Gift for $60,000.

Jennie Johnley has partnered with Missouri Auto Auction for four years to continuously raise funds for her child adoption non-profit, Bree's Gift. The organization honors Bree Isabel Johnley, Jennie's 4 year old daughter who passed away on Oct. 5, 2019.

Photo: Missouri Auto Auction

Justin Brown, general manager of Missouri Auto Auction, commented, “The participation and generosity shown by our dealers and business partners in support of Bree’s Gift amazes me year after year.”

Cody Boswell, Missouri Auto Auction owner, commented, “This event is one of the best events we do each year. It makes your heart feel good helping these families.”  

Missouri Auto Auction operates on 30 acres, offering more than 500 units weekly across five simultaneous lanes. Full reconditioning and mechanical facilities, in-house transportation with a company-owned fleet, AutoIMS, and fully integrated online capabilities.  

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