Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Sept. 28.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Sept. 28.

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According to the latest Carfax data, the company estimated the flooding caused by Hurricane Ian across Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina potentially damaged as many as 358,000 vehicles.

The data has also shown an additional 400,000 water-damaged cars in 2022 even before Hurricane Ian made landfall.

"We are seeing these flooded cars show up all around the country, putting unsuspecting buyers at risk," said Emilie Voss, Carfax spokesperson. "Cosmetically these cars might look great, but if you don't know what to look for, it's nearly impossible to tell they are literally rotting from the inside out. Floodwater can cause mechanical, electrical, health and safety issues in a vehicle even if it was submerged for only a short time."

Carfax added that it offers free resources for car buyers to help detect a waterlogged history before they make a purchase.

Carfax also has a Flood Check tool, a national map that shows where flooded cars have washed up.

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