Plaza Auto Auction of Iowa Launches Edge Simulcast

July 23, 2015
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Plaza Auto Auction of Iowa owner Mark Greb (left), congratulates Charlie Lee of Saxton Motors in Des Moines Iowa, who made the first online purchase at the auction’s Edge Simulcast sale in July. (PHOTO: Plaza Auto Auction)
Plaza Auto Auction of Iowa owner Mark Greb (left), congratulates Charlie Lee of Saxton Motors in Des Moines Iowa, who made the first online purchase at the auction’s Edge Simulcast sale in July. (PHOTO: Plaza Auto Auction)

As Plaza Auto Auction of Iowa prepares for its 52nd Anniversary Celebration in August, owner Mark Greb announced the auction will attract a wider audience than ever before with the introduction of Edge Simulcast to its weekly sale events.

Plaza Auto Auction launched Simulcast selling in early July on all five lanes and has recorded significant increases in online attendance as well as online sales from week to week, according to the company. Also being broadcast via Edge Simulcast is the auction’s Power Sports Sale, which now runs monthly with up to 100 units per sale.

“Over the past 24 months, we made significant improvements in preparation for the introduction of Simulcast selling at Plaza Auto Auction of Iowa,” Greb said. “The $250,000 project included a new auction management system, new video equipment in the auction arena, new asphalt and lighting upgrades. Upgrading our technology was a significant part of this effort, and we’re extremely pleased to announce that with the introduction of Pipeline Simulcast we now enjoy a significantly expanded presence online and the capability to bring even more buyers to the auction by way of this exciting online selling platform.”

Plaza Auto Auction of Iowa is the largest evening sale in the Midwest, offering over 500 vehicles every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

“Prior to the addition of Edge Simulcast an average of 300 dealers attended the sale every week, with customers hailing from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, and Indiana, some even from as far away as Mississippi and Mexico,” notes Greb. “We anticipate that those numbers will increase as dealers avail themselves of the convenience of previewing inventory and attending the auction online.”

Added Greb: "We have recorded a number of sales peaking well over 70% this year. With the enhancement of Edge Simulcast we fully expect the market to show even more vitality as we move into our 52nd Anniversary celebration in August.”


With the auction’s customer base on the rise, Greb has also announced the addition of a new employee to the service team at Plaza Auto Auction of Iowa: Carrie Gralund, who has been hired as a regional sales representative, “Carry’s background in management and sales in the mobile telephone industry will serve her well as she works with the dealers in our region,” Greb said, “I have known her for a long time, and know that she will not only develop strong working relationships with our many customers but will enhance the auction experience for all of them.“

Gralund will spend her first two months as an auction employee at Plaza’s micro-academy to get an overview of auction procedures and operations.

“She’ll start out on the lot, checking in cars and parking them, which is, incidentally, the same place I started my auction career in 1988,” notes Greb. “Then, she’ll spend a week in the office, a week in transport, two weeks in the sales office, and a week visiting customers with Jerry Udelhofen, a nine- year veteran of auction sales here at Plaza. Finally, she’ll go to Chicago for an Internet Sales Seminar presented by TPC Management, where she’ll learn more about the various online selling platforms in the auction industry. After that, she’ll be ready to take to the road on her own as our regional sales representative.”

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